mind-controledWelcome to Village, Incorporated.  You’re here because you’ve recognized that you’re powerless to change the things in your life that need to be fixed.   The knowledge that there’s nothing you can do eats at your brain like piranha coming off a vegetarian diet.  They’ll fix that for you, here in the Village. They’ll take your mind off all those little things over which you have no control.  You know — like, your life.

Of course, if the whole world is under the control of rich men who think alike, then we’re all in the Village, and there’s no escape.  There is no red pill, no blue pill.  There’s just the endless, day-to-day frustration of knowing that things could be better, if only…

Take a number.  Make yourself comfortable.  They’ll get around to you eventually.  They always do.

Be seeing you.


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