It’s not just politics that drive me crazy

Posted: 09/15/2016 in Screwed
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I just read an article over on NPR announing the endangered listing of Grauer’s gorilla, the world’s largest gorilla.  How is it an animal that prior to 1847 was believed to be a myth is already one step away from being extinct?  According to NPR:  

Humans are largely to blame for the animals’ decline: Poaching, habitat loss, and civil unrest are three of the main threats the gorillas face, along with disease and climate change, according to the IUCN.  Much of the illegal hunting has been linked to laborers at mines.

But, of course, none of that really matters, right?  I mean, they’re just dumb animals, after all.  They can’t even be taught how to vote.  You know that’s true because if they could, they’d be on the pampered list, instead of the endangered list.


Be seeing you.

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