In case you think we have a post racial society, think again

Posted: 08/01/2016 in Screwed

In Texas, being non-racist means you only tell racist jokes when surrounded by other white men.  So there was no excuse for what happened when Dorothy Barrera, a caucasian, tried to bury her Hispanic husband in the local graveyard.  They told her, “No way, Jose” and sent her up the road to where the other wetbacks are feeding the worms.

The town of Normanna, population 113, about 75 miles southeast of San Antonio, Texas, has maintained two cemeteries for decades, one for Latinos and one for whites, according to court documents…According to the court documents, the cemetery board said it denied her request because “he’s a Mexican” and told the widow to bury him “up the road” at the other cemetery “with the Mexicans.”

The cemetery board saw no problem with being very open about such an obviously racist attitude. They’re still scratching their collective heads over why anyone else would, either.  So I’m guessing that they’re still puzzled over the court ruling.

Under a settlement reached through U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in Corpus Christi, Texas, the “defendants are prohibited from refusing to bury an individual in the San Domingo Cemetery on the basis of race or national origin.”

Naturally, the board had a pre-programmed reply for the court.

The defendants had previously admitted in court papers to refusing a request to bury Barrera in the cemetery but denied the decision had anything to do with race or ethnic origin.  “No Latinos are buried within the gates of the San Domingo Cemetery, which is enclosed with a chain-link fence,” plaintiffs said in court papers, adding about half of the area’s residents are Latino.

Yeah, right — it’s just a coincidence that half the local population have never been buried in their all-white plots.  What amazes me is that the Civil War ended over 150 years ago, and these bozos are still fighting it.


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