Some days the news is just too hard to face

Posted: 06/19/2016 in Screwed
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For today’s treat, we go to Oakland, California where Mayor “Libby” Schaaf seems to be having a little trouble keeping the lid on her local police scandal.  Crooks and Liars condensed the problem nicely:

1) a cop kills his wife

2) fellow officers help him cover up the crime, and the dead cop’s wife death is ruled a suicide

3) that same cop, who people now believe killed his wife, commits actual suicide

4) the cop leaves behind a suicide note that reveals that him, and some of his fellow officers, had been raping a child trafficking victim

5) apparently, an investigation begins to reveal that several officers have, in fact, commuted child rape

6) after the child trafficking victim turns 18, more cops start paying her for sex; some of this happened in the Oakland PD parking lot

7) as the investigation continues, it’s alleged that the Oakland PD chief’s wife knew about the child trafficking victim rape all along

8) for this, and possibly additional reasons, Oakland PD chief steps down: whether he knew what his wife knew or not, he’s unfit to lead

9) the Oakland PD chief’s wife publicly tweets that “it’s bullshit” right after her husband is fired

9) Oakland’s mayor says the chief stepped down for “personal reasons.” Girl I GUESS if you call knowledge of child rape a personal thing

10) muck racking reporters break the lid off the story and Oakland’s mayor doubles down, basically saying they’re lying

11) new chief is sworn in but may or may not be connected to child rape case. For whatever reason, he also steps down after a few days

13) a new NEW Oakland PD chief is sworn in and the mayor says he’s great and stuff but apparently not because he steps down after two days

14) meanwhile a new scandal, this time surrounding blatantly racist, kkk and n-word having texts from Oakland PD, has emerged

15) Oakland’s mayor is somehow still at her job, decides that there just won’t BE a police chief because that’s how rotten the department is

16) one murder, a cover-up, a suicide, child rape, racist texts, 3 police chiefs in one week; mayor asks the public to trust the process

Yeah, “trust the process”.  You bet’cha.  I think I’ll go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.  Maybe tomorrow will look better.


Be seeing you.


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