More good news from Conservative “thinkers”

Posted: 05/19/2016 in Screwed

The problem with using science to prove that science doesn’t work is, well, it’s a Gordian Knot.  SafeMinds, an autism advocacy organization, found that out when they funded 10 years of research designed to prove that childhood vaccines cause autism.  Because they were using science, the research proved exactly the opposite.

Most experts today agree the belief that childhood vaccines cause autism is based on bunk science. Even still, some advocacy groups claim immunizations are responsible for raising the risk for this neurodevelopmental condition, despite a growing body of research that shows there isn’t a link. (The study that most anti-vaccination groups point to was retracted after it was found to be based on falsified data.)

Despite the science, organizations involved in the anti-vaccine movement still hope to find some evidence that vaccines threaten children’s health. For example, the autism advocacy organization SafeMinds recently funded research it hoped would prove vaccines cause autism in children. But this effort appears to have backfired for the organization—whose mission is to raise awareness about how certain environmental exposures may be linked to autism—since the study SafeMinds supported showed a link between autism and vaccines does not exist.

SafeMinds has, of course, disavowed their own study.  In other news, biologists have observed Anti-Vaxxers making tools and solving simple problems at an area zoo.  That brings up something I’ve wondered for awhile: what’s the weather like on the planet they come from?


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