More water-related news from Flint

Posted: 05/16/2016 in Screwed

The citizens of Flint, Michigan just can’t get a break.  It wasn’t bad enough that the state and local authorities didn’t believe the citizens were worth the cost of drinkable water from their usual sources, they compounded that by refusing to spend a few bucks to introduce a corrosion inhibitor to the acidic water they did use.  So when the acid ate into the lead pipes feeding water to the houses, the government then cried that it’d cost too much to replace said pipes and there just wasn’t any money to go around.  People from all over the country felt bad and sent money to charities to help these poor folks.  Problem solved, right?  Wrong.

Today in a district court in Michigan, ex-Flint City Administrator Natasha Henderson alleged that she was fired from her position after reporting that Flint Mayor Karen Weaver had directed underlings to divert money intended for a clean water charity to her personal campaign PAC.

According to the suit, Henderson was approached on Feb. 9 by an assistant of Weaver’s, who said the mayor had instructed her to re-route donations meant to support victims of Flint’s poisoned water system. Henderson says that the employee, Maxine Murray, expressed concern over being legally culpable for diverting the money.

You’ll notice that this is a civil suit.  No actual laws were broken, apparently.  Politicians — gotta love ’em…or else they’ll kill you.


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