Today’s “good guy with a gun” story

Posted: 05/13/2016 in Screwed

Back in March, John Haag was in an Arizona Walgreen Pharmacy when he saw someone running away.  Naturally, being an NRA member in good standing, he immediately knew that the store had been robbed.  But being a responsible grown-up, he checked with the employees to make sure before running out to the parking lot, jumping into his own vehicle, and pulling out his gun.  Now he was ready to stop him some crime.

A witness recorded video of the pursuit on a busy Chandler street, and that video shows Haag pull alongside the cargo van, roll down his window, point a gun at the suspects and open fire.   The theft suspects did a sudden U-turn into oncoming traffic to get away from the gunshots.

Haag bragged on his Facebook page later that day that he had witnessed a robbery — but “this time, I had my gun … true story.”

Police investigating the incident determined that Haag was not justified in using deadly force against misdemeanor shoplifting suspects, and he was arrested this week.

The funny thing about all this to me is that when Haag shot at the UHaul van, he missed…yeah, the whole van.  Aren’t you glad you weren’t driving on that highway that day?  I don’t know why we haven’t heard about this sooner — don’t the NRA-ites want us to hear encouraging stories like this?  I know I do.


Be seeing you.


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