Hey, her name is Diaz — it’s not like she is white or anything

Posted: 03/28/2016 in Screwed
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A one-story brick house in Rowlett, Texas was severely damaged by a tornado the day after Xmas.  Billy L Nabors Demolition, an area company, was hired to level it.  Meanwhile, Lindsay Diaz owned a two-story home a block away that suffered less damage that same day.  The demolition crew showed up at Diaz’s home while she was at work.  By the time she got home, they’d torn down her house, which had been repairable, leaving a large pile of debris on the site.  

“The incident is under investigation,” said an employee of Billy L Nabors Demolition reached by phone. The employee declined to comment further, but according to local ABC affiliate WFAA, the company CEO George Gomez said that the mistake was “not a big deal.”

Yep — no biggie.  Just a home.  Meanwhile she can go live in Mexico or someplace, right?  Right.  Oh, and by the way, the building was a duplex, so it’s two families that are out on the street, not one. Plus the company refuses to finish cleaning up the property since they shouldn’t have been there to begin with.  And they’re blaming Google maps for the mistake.

Don’t we live in a wonderful village?


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