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Posted: 03/25/2016 in Screwed
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I have long said that we’d have a more “democratic” system if people could vote online.  Think we can’t do that because of the threat from hackers?  Try Googling “voting machine” and “security issues” sometime.  Then step back, ’cause it’s going to get crowded in the room.  Even the IRS lets you file online.  Okay, it’s not as easy as it could be, but that’s because of the “tax law” part, not because of the “online” part.  Much of the rest of the world knows how to do it.  Heck, even Estonia can handle it.  So why don’t we have online voting in America?

Some people answer that with “But not everyone has a computer.”  While that’s true, every town has at least one computer in their town library.  Most have several.  And the only people who’d have to use those computers for voting would pretty much be the homeless, who aren’t allowed to vote now anyway because they don’t have a fixed address.  

Actually, the only reason I can come up with is: because the people who make the laws don’t want us to have that sort of power over their jobs. Politicians currently owe their jobs to the half of the eligible voters that turn out in a normal election.  That’s 50% of the eligible voters, mind, not of the actual adult population.  That number is so low that nobody likes to see it in print.  Okay, we all know that they really owe their jobs to the 1% of the population that gives them the millions needed to run for office, but that’s because most people who vote do so based on the advertisements and sound bites they’ve absorbed from the television set.

At one point recently, public approval of Congress and the job they were doing (or not doing) was in the single digits.  Can you imagine what would happen to those jobs if the population actually turned out to vote?  I can — and so can Congress.  Which is why, in my humble opinion, we don’t have online voting.  However, that might be about to change.  The Republicans in Wisconsin are running a trial of an online system they can get behind.  Why the about-face?  Because the Wisconsin program manages to “weed out” students, veterans, older individuals, low-income people and people of color.  In other words, the very people most likely to vote for the Democrats.  And they’ve tagged on a nice little rider as well to keep a huge chunk of absentee voting from being counted.  Way to go Wisconsin.

So what are you going to do about that?  If your answer is “nothing”, then you deserve the government you have — and the one you will have next year under King Trump.


Be seeing you.


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