Good guys with guns

Posted: 01/04/2016 in Screwed

Remember the whole “good guy with a gun” scenario that Conservatives love to spout?  Well, don’t ask a certain Las Vegas mother-in-law what she thinks about that.  Just after midnight on Christmas, she returned to the home of her child and spouse and let herself in through the front door (to which she had a key, since she lived there as well).  Her child and spouse (they’re not saying which is which), both police officers, were napping on the couch.  Hearing the noise and fearing that a bad guy with a gun was breaking into their home, they jumped up and unloaded  27 rounds at the mother-in-law.  They hit her once in the leg.  She’s doing okay at the hospital.

North Las Vegas police said no charges will be filed against the officer(s) since it was an accidental shooting.

Yeah — the accident was that they allowed these two cops to have guns.  You’ve got to figure the distance must have been less than 10 feet and they missed 26 times.  Since no two normal handguns will hold that much ammo, did they stop and reload or were they each using more than one pistol?

Aren’t you glad we’ve got those good guys with guns out on the streets protecting us?


Be seeing you.



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