Back to the dentist

Posted: 12/22/2015 in Screwed

This blog is my relief valve.  I try not to obsess over stuff, but when the news gets so bad that I start grinding my teeth, I have to say something about it.  Now, I often grind my teeth at night and it drives my dentist crazy because I won’t wear a mouthpiece to lessen the damage (sorry, but I can’t breathe with that hunk of silicone in there), but it’s when I start grinding my teeth while reading the news that I know things have gotten out of hand.  And so I blog.

What am I destroying my teeth over today?  Well, it’s because Dessie Hancock of Irving, Texas died Sunday night.  No big thing, you might think, after all, she was 83 and her time obviously was up.  Only, the reason it was up was that three punks (Jesse Perkins, 20, Edward Perkins, 19, and Thomas Perkins, 18) decided they were bored.  To liven things up, they saw a sweet old lady walking over to her neighbor’s house and they went up to her and they beat her to death.

Yeah, they’re in jail.  That don’t help Dessie much though does it?


Be seeing you.

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