You expect honesty from professional politicians? Really?

Posted: 11/02/2015 in Screwed

Following the most recent Republican debate, there have been some remarks that Becky Quick wasn’t properly prepared for moderating the debate.  In defense of her, others have simply stated that she wasn’t prepared for the candidates to utter bald-faced lies in response to her questions.

…here’s what happened during an exchange with Donald Trump:

QUICK: You had talked a little bit about Marco Rubio. I think you called him “Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator” because he was in favor of the H1B.

TRUMP: I never said that. I never said that.

….QUICK: My apologies. I’m sorry.

In fact, Trump had said that in his own immigration plan.

…This was a real epidemic on Wednesday night. Candidates have apparently figured out that they don’t need to tap dance. They can just baldly lie. Trump did it. Rubio did it. Carson did it. Fiorina did it. They know that time is short and they probably won’t get called on it. 

Sorry, I like Ms. Quick and all, but anybody who is going to talk to ANY professional politician and not expect them to lie is really just not prepared.


Be seeing you.

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