Ben Carson shows off for the camera

Posted: 10/26/2015 in Screwed
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When NBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Ben Carson on Sunday, Carson showed the depth of knowledge we’ve come to expect from him.  The subject was abortion, but when asked about a pregnancy that resulted from rape, Carson waxed poetic.

“The mother should not believe that the baby is her enemy and should not be looking to terminate the baby. We’ve allowed purveyors of division to think that baby is their enemy and they have a right to kill it. Can you see how perverted that line of thinking is?”

“Think about this. During slavery — and I know that one of those words you’re not supposed to say — but I’m saying it. During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave, anything that they chose to do. And what if the abolitionists had said, ‘You know, I don’t believe in slavery, I think it’s wrong. But you guys do whatever you want to do.’ Where would we be?”

Rape and slavery are two things that Ben Carson obviously never experienced.  Perhaps a little time in prison would enable Carson to understand what total lack of liberty and forced sexual experiences would do to a person’s viewpoint?  And when he got out of prison, he could neither run for office nor vote, and no one would be interested in providing him a platform for his thoughts — a win-win in anybody’s book.


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