A professional good guy

Posted: 09/30/2015 in Screwed

The Village, at its best, does things that you wouldn’t believe are possible.  I don’t mean sending men to Mars, or making blind children see again — nothing that simple.  The Village has found a way to get away with twisting law and logic to the point where anything is possible.  For example, police can shoot an unarmed black child playing in the park and nothing will happen to the authority figures.  The child, of course, will be ravished in the press until everyone understands that it was the victim’s fault, and the police should be rewarded for doing such a difficult job under such difficult circumstances.  Let’s face it, they deserve a raise, and if they don’t get it, they just might quit shooting down unarmed citizens and then where will we be?

Well, then we’d be at the tender mercies of a good guy with a gun.  You’d just better hope you’re not in Houston, Texas at the time.

According to KHOU Channel 11 News, the shooting took place around 11:15 p.m. at a Valero gas station in north Houston.  Police officials say that two men jumped the owner of a Chevrolet pickup truck and absconded with his vehicle.

As the men struggled with the car-owner, a passerby produced a gun and fired multiple shots, missing the thieves but striking the victim in the head.  The shooter quickly gathered up his shell casings from the pavement and fled the scene.

Of course you know the good guy was a professional because he policed his brass.


Be seeing you.

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