There’s nothing wrong with my face, I’m just not used to smiling

Posted: 09/26/2015 in Screwed

From the “There’s good news tonight” file:  John Boehner is leaving the building.  Weepy McCheeto, the Tea-Party representative who is never seen without a drink in his hand (he needs it to face what a miserable job he has done), announced he’s had enough of the high life and will leave behind the office of Speaker of the House and all its perks sometime this fall.  Well, as my dear Uncle Julius always said, “Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.”

Of course, for every ounce of good news, the universe produces a ton of bad news to balance it out: Boehner was forced out of his job for only backing the ultra-right-wing part of his party 99% of the time.  So what kind of Republican do you think is going to replace him?


Be seeing you.

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