So much for VW’s “hippie” image

Posted: 09/24/2015 in Screwed
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From the “Things that make you grind your teeth” department:

EPA has recalled virtually all of VW’s recent automobiles due to the Congressional investigation into their “software”-gate problem.  It seems that Volkswagen deliberately programmed their diesel cars’ computers to only run the emission control systems when the car was being tested (e.g., for an inspection sticker).  This allowed the cars to appear peppy, but still pass all EPA-type tests, in spite of spewing 40 times the legal amount of smog producing chemicals into the air during normal driving.

The amount of smog this has added to the world’s pollution problem, and the number of people with breathing difficulties this may have helped kill, are unknown at this time.  VW officials admittheir wrongdoing, and all but said, “What ‘cha gonna do about it?”  The response to such attitudes has been for some reporters to call for criminal prosecution of VW officials.

If that doesn’t make you want to kick your VW bug, nothing will.


Be seeing you.


  1. PiedType says:

    Gotta love how the apologies and mea culpas come only after they’ve been caught.

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