Lamar Lathon: reformed driver

Posted: 09/11/2015 in Screwed

Former NFL player Lamar Lathon recently made the mistake of his life: he drove through Texas after dark.  To be honest, it’s not safe to drive through Texas at any time, but driving after dark falls is really just asking for it.  Lathon insists that he was stopped for no reason, and then the police officer demanded Lathon allow the officer to search the car.  Lathon, not understanding that in the Village you can wind up in the ground if you don’t immediately act like a beaten dog whenever a policeman comes around, refused.  The officer drew his gun, ordered Lathon out of the car, called for backup, and searched the car anyway.   

Days later, the Pearland Police Department released the dashcam video, bafflingly insisting that Lathon’s version of events is a fabrication. The video shows clearly that the police officer pointed a gun at him, searched his car illegally and found absolutely nothing, proving that the accusations of him having a gun were false

The Pearland Police Department issued a press release this week defending the officer, and calling Lathon a liar, even though the video confirms his story. In the statement the department said: Based on review of the video footage, it is the position of the Pearland Police Department that the response of the officers involved in this traffic stop was professional and within both the law and policies of this agency. The primary officer was tactically aware, maintained control of the scene and attempted to de-escalate a volatile situation brought on by a driver who refused to follow directions and whose primary complaint seemed to be the issuance of a citation.

So the police acted all tough, did whatever they wanted, and then lied about it afterwards and somebody’s surprised?  How naive can you get?  What  I can’t help wondering is this: what is there about Lamar Lathon that would make a cop act all aggressive like that?  Oh, right…


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