Some things never change…

Posted: 09/07/2015 in Screwed

I am often amazed at how much the world of science has changed in my lifetime.  As a scientist myself, I shouldn’t be — the steps are obvious if you review them.  One discovery leads to another and they all pile up to give us lightning in a wall socket and all the information of mankind available in our pocket phones.

I guess the reason I’m amazed at how much science has learned is because people really haven’t changed since cave man days.  One of my most treasured writers, G. K. Chesterton, once said, “The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice.” It still holds true today.  But it was Chesterton’s friend and collaborator Hilaire Belloc that really summed it best in his poem “On a Puritan”:

He served his God so faithfully and well
That now he sees him face to face, in hell

Whenever I see any of today’s religious nuts in the news, I’m reminded of that poem, and that people don’t change.  Welcome to the Village.


Be seeing you.

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