I’ve got a few questions

Posted: 09/03/2015 in Screwed

Since public “servants” in Texas and Kentucky (and all the other places I’m too lazy to research) are using their Christianity to blatantly refuse to follow the Supreme Court ruling on equal marriage rights, I want to know how far we can push this idea.  For example, can I refuse human rights to just anybody, or does this special power only work on somebody that’s gay?  What if a Mormon (they’re Christian, right?) county clerk wants to refuse to give a license to a guy who only wants to marry ONE woman, is that okay too?

Or what about this: what if I want to deny gays their rights, but I’m not a Christian — can I do that anyway?  Oh — and what if you’re a Christian and you run across a gay couple who wants to marry and you discover that they’re also Muslim — is it okay to just shoot them on sight?

This thing is so complicated.  There should be a place to which we can go to get questions like this answered.  Like, a supreme supreme court, maybe.


Be seeing you.


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