Village healthcare in action

Posted: 08/31/2015 in Screwed
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Although all the info is not in, the initial facts look pretty weird.  On August 1, Joseph Hutcheson checked himself out of a Dallas, Texas hospital (against doctor’s advice).  A little bit later Hutcheson, looking sick and confused, wandered into the main lobby of the Dallas County jail seeking help.  The deputies on duty, instead of trying to find out what was wrong, piled on top of the 48-year-old white male and kneeled on his neck to “subdue” him.  After a few minutes of this “help”, Hutcheson died.  As always, the police are claiming they did nothing wrong.  Unfortunately for them, the entire encounter was filmed by their own cameras.  The camera shows that after he stopped moving, the cops stood around for five minutes before deciding to start CPR.  Understandably, Hutcheson’s family are not happy.

As usual, the first response from the police was to claim Hutcheson had a record of drug abuse and that narcotics were found in his vehicle.  Later they quietly dropped that narrative from their press releases.  Naturally, the dead man’s family wants to have an independent autopsy to find out just why he’s dead. But somehow, during his stay with the county coroner, parts of Hutcheson’s neck went missing.  (Nothing suspicious about that is there?)

Welcome to the Village, Joseph Hutcheson.  Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Be seeing you.


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