Anchor baby solution

Posted: 08/28/2015 in Screwed

I bumped into a neighbor of mine at the co-op and before I could grab my lettuce and leaf, he’d managed to fill me in on his latest Trump-inspired delusion.  It went something like this:

I tell you what, I was watching Donald Trump on the teevee and he got me so riled up about them gauldarned illegal ‘mgrants comin’ to MY country to freeload offn MY tax money that I kant hardly sleep nights.

Now, some people will tell you that when a beaner swims across the river and squats to shoot out another ‘Merkan Sitzen’ that the illegal don’t get nuttin’ for it.  Don’t you believe it.  Okay, the illegal gets deported as soon as they’re caught [having a son or daughter who’s underage and a citizen bestows no special privileges to the parent — no money, no extended stay, nothing], and 99 times out of a hundred the baby goes back with ’em, but that don’t make no never-mind.  It’s the prin-see-pull of the thang dat matters.

And those babies can come back when they’re adults, you know.  They can get jobs and work and pay taxes, just like real Merkins. And if they do that long enough, they can get their parents to come and work and eventually become citizens.   All this outta just wadin’ across a ditch, poppin’ out a baby, and investing 30 or 40 years of good citizenship in two countries.  It’s like the free ride never ends!

Well I say, if they wanna be called anchor babies, then that’s what they otter be used for.  Hell, I got a bass boat.  I could use a couple my-own-self, heh, heh, heh.  Merka for Merkans, I always sez.  

BTW, do you know if they’ll cash my unemployment check here?

Whereas, what I always say is: what are the facts and to how many decimal places?  Give me that and I’ll make up my own damned mind.  And BTW, if a person is working and paying taxes, who the hell cares how they became a citizen?  I’ll take them over my current neighbor any day.


Be seeing you.

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