Why nobody ever believes anything the Christian right says

Posted: 08/21/2015 in Screwed
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The odds are that somewhere, sometime, there’s a far right Christian who is not an hypocritical, lying, self-interested scumbag.  But the odds are neither you nor I will ever meet that one person.  Surely you’ve noticed by now that every single time some wanna-be regulator of everyone else’s morals gets a little publicity, that you can count the seconds on one hand before it becomes national news that they’re busy in the back room breaking every rule they’ve set up for you to obey.  The non-professional loud mouths that are just riding a well-timed wave of national concern will immediately break down when they’re caught and make all sorts of humble apologies to God (but not to you, since you don’t count), and hope against logic that everyone will let them back on that horse again.  But the professionals, the ones who know that admitting wrong-doing ain’t gonna get you no place, they’re more fun to watch, because they always have a good excuse as to why what you know they did isn’t what they did — or if they did, it was really okay after all.

For example, there’s Michigan Tea Party law-maker, Republican Congressman Todd Courser.  He and Cindy Gamrat, another freshman Tea Party legislator who have been working night and day to keep homosexuals from being able to be married, decided that although marriage is too sacred for the gays, it’s not sacred enough to keep them from cheating on their spouses — with each other.  Although both are under House investigation for using public funds to hide the relationship and firing a staffer for refusing to help with the cover up, neither has any plans to quit their day jobs, since neither of them has publicly admitted any wrongdoing.  Unless you count thousands of words of confession on Facebook, that is.  And apparently they don’t believe that counts.

Instead they concocted a story that Courser was being blackmailed for hiring male escorts for homosexual “services”, thinking that once that was proven false, most people would just ignore any other scandals that came out as evil people picking on the saintly.  No word yet on how that’s working with the Tea Party crowd, but it’s being laughed at by everyone else.  And people say the Christian Right doesn’t have a sense of humor!  They must have — there’s no other explanation for the way those people behave!


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