And the winner is —

Posted: 08/03/2015 in Screwed

I’ve always found it interesting that our country leads the world in so many things.  We make more and often better quality movies (when we want to) than any other country.  Our mass production items actually lead the world in quality, in spite of what you think if you shop at WalMart (the Chinese slap-dash outlet).  Even our crooks generally are smoother and less offensive than those in other countries.  For example, in Serbia, the state-run lottery just had an “oops” moment.  While the cameras were rolling, showing the little balls still coming up and out of the jumbled mass of expectations, someone allowed the entire winning number (which hadn’t been drawn yet) show on the bottom of the screen.  The head of the Lottery called it a technical glitch (Gee — you think? ), but resigned anyway.  The sad thing is, Serbia’s population is so poor that this probably won’t make any difference to those people who buy tickets.

Now, I’m sure OUR lottery system is honest.  (Yeah, right.)  But I still don’t play the lottery.

Be seeing you.

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