R.I.P. Sandra Bland

Posted: 07/23/2015 in Screwed
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I’ve held off writing about this case because every day the information available has changed the texture of the story.  But at some point you have to just dive into the pool of knowledge and see where the current takes you.  And, given that a white Texas cop used the excuse that a black, self-assured lady pulled over on a low-traffic, slow speed street to let him pass, but didn’t signal, to attack her physically and throw her in jail for a weekend, this seems as good a place as any.   Two days later Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell.

The arresting officer thought that he was being “smart” by doing the initial attack out of range of his dash-cam, but forgot that he’d called for backup.  Unfortunately for him, the backup police car still had theirs running.  The entire traffic stop took about an hour and is documented via police cameras.  So is much of Ms. Bland’s jail time.  But somehow all the police tapes released so far have mysteriously “lost” footage in various places.

Eventually the local coroner decided she had committed suicide and released the body to her family, so that Ms. Bland could go home to Chicago and be buried.  Once the family got the body, they announced that they were having a second autopsy done in order to verify the Texas findings.  Not long after that, Texas contacted the family and requested the return of Ms. Bland’s body because their previous autopsy, which they’d already released, was “faulty”.  Then, when their request was made public (and laughed at), they denied making the request.  Big surprise.

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