They don’t even try

Posted: 07/13/2015 in Screwed
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I’ve always admired a good villain.  Ask any actor and they’ll tell you they’d rather play a villain any day than a hero.  Juicer roles.  But the reason I will never respect the GOP is that they have no respect for their followers nor for their enemies.  For a perfect example, take the recent photo Of Hillary Clinton with a Confederate flag  in the background.  It’s not just that they faked the photo, but they didn’t even bother to try to build it from the ground up.  Instead, they just took a stock photo that anyone can find, added a flag to it, and tweeted it around.

Come on, guys — if you don’t want me to just brush you off, then at least put in an effort, won’t you?


Doctored pic


Original pic











Be seeing you.

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