More good news

Posted: 06/25/2015 in Screwed

I put TV preachers and mega-church evangelists on a scale somewhere below used car salesmen and slightly above politicians.  So it was with a light heart that I read about Tullian Tchividjian, the grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, being kicked out of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in South Florida.  Tchividjian founded the mega-church on the basis of forgiving all sinners.  So when he caught his wife in an affair, what did he do?  Went out and had an affair to even the score.  Unfortunately for him, church leaders didn’t seem to believe in “forgiving sinners” any more than he did.  So he’s looking for work now.

You know, I really hate hypocrisy — which explains why I can’t stand politicians, evangelists, and used car salesmen!


Be seeing you.

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