Now THAT’s how to get your way

Posted: 06/15/2015 in Screwed
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Say what you will about the politicians, when they actually want to do something, they get it done.  Republicans wanted to go to war with Iraq, they went to war with Iraq.  It took them thirty years, but by gawd, they did it.  And now that we finally mostly got out of Iraq, they’re beating the drums to get us right back in there again.  And you know what?  They’re gonna do it.  How do I know?  Because of stories like this one, from Kansas.

Since Republican Sam Brownback became governor of Kansas in 2011, he and his allies in the GOP-dominated state Legislature have implemented drastic tax cuts—part of a “real, live experiment” in conservative governance, as Brownback put it in 2012, that has resulted in precipitously falling revenues. But Brownback’s tax slashing hit a snag last year when the state Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to increase education funding, potentially forcing the governor to roll back his signature tax cuts in order to increase school spending. So conservatives in Topeka declared war on the court.

In the year since the court’s education decision in March 2014, conservatives in the Kansas Legislature have proposed giving the governor more power to pick state Supreme Court justices and making it easier to remove justices from the bench. They’ve voted to strip the state’s top court of its authority over lower courts and threatened to defund state courts if they rule against the Legislature in a key case. The escalating power struggle between the state’s three branches of government has put Kansas “on a direct collision course to a constitutional crisis,” says Ryan Wright, executive director of Kansans for Fair Courts, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping partisan politics out of the judicial selection process in Kansas.

Don’t like what the Supreme Court is telling you?  Fire ’em all and replace ’em with your buddies.  And if that doesn’t do it, then defund the court so that it can’t meet.  Sounds like a way to get what you want to me.  But if you think that only a Republican could come up with solutions like that, think again.  All the way back in 1830, President Andrew Jackson, a Democrat, was told by the Supreme Court that he couldn’t move the Cherokee Nation from Georgia to Oklahoma.  His response?  Jackson basically told them “Try and stop me.”  After all, he had an army — what did SCOTUS have?  And so the Trail of Tears was born.  In 1937, after the Supreme Court struck down several of President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” laws, FDR, a Democrat if ever there was one, threatened to add six new justices to SCOTUS if they didn’t stop blocking his signature pieces.  They stopped.

Remember, a politician is a politician is a politician regardless of party!


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