You know, just in case you wanted to warn someone

Posted: 05/12/2015 in Screwed

The Department of Homeland Security has a planStanding Operating Procedure 303.  Supposedly, it’s to keep anyone from using cell phones to detonate explosives, as was done in England in 2005 when the London public transportation system was blown up.  Although nobody knew about it at the time, our government shut down cell service in New York City during that emergency to keep that from happening here.  Some might say that keeping citizens safe is a prudent use of power.  But it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out that “bomb-stopping” isn’t how SOP 303 is going to be used.  It’s much more likely to be used to stop public unrest — i.e., to keep an Arab Spring from happening here.

Don’t see that as realistic?  Then wake up and smell the cordite — it’s already been done.  San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit System disabled cell phone service in 2011 to quell protests when a BART security officer killed transient Charles Blair Hill .  And guess what?  BART isn’t even the federal government, so apparently any government office can pull this plug.  Hell, the next thing you know, city managers will be shutting down cell phone service during local elections.  After all, you don’t want citizens to start organizing during these sensitive times.


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