Where’s Remo when you need him?

Posted: 04/27/2015 in Screwed

There was a book series popular back in the sixties/seventies called “The Executioner.”  The main character was Max Bolan, a real he-man who solved all crime and political problems by shooting someone.  This was eventually countered by a tongue-in-cheek series called “The Destroyer.”  That series had two main characters: Remo Williams, an American good guy, and his martial arts trainer Chiun, an ancient Korean who understood nothing about American society.  Because Chiun abhorred firearms, Remo solved every problem with secret martial arts moves that inflicted severe pain (or death) on those people who ran across his path.  Whenever a political leader made news by suddenly reversing public direction and becoming interested in the public good (instead of his own bank account), you knew he’d been visited secretly by Remo.

Although both series are still around, they’ve lost a lot of their appeal to the general public.  Most readers have apparently moved on to watching the series “24“, which they believe to be real.  Still, around our house, we occasionally see someone in the public eye reversing their typical political ways and we say: “Remo’s back!”  But it doesn’t happen often enough.

Be seeing you.

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