It’s such a shame

Posted: 03/23/2015 in Screwed
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There was a time when public shaming was the most potent punishment there was.  In more primitive times, to be ousted from your group was tantamount to a death sentence, so to be shunned was almost as bad.  Being put in the docks was uncomfortable, but mostly it was the public shame that was difficult to bear.

Then something happened.  I’m not sure when or how, but somehow ‘shame’ lost all its power.  These days there are people, especially those with conservative beliefs, will do and say the most incredibly stupid things and be mocked by others for doing so, and yet they don’t feel any shame.  In fact, they show all appearances of being ‘proud’ of their stupidity.  Perhaps they’ve shielded themselves by only associating with other ‘stupids’ and thus don’t feel any connection with the rest of society — in which case their only feeling of social shame would come from doing something that their ‘stupid’ counterparts found shameful.  Like following logical thought, or caring about someone other than themselves, for example.  Now that would get a conservative shunned!


Be seeing you.

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