Tell me again about the Christian concept of “love”

Posted: 03/06/2015 in Screwed
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Matthew McLaughlin is afraid.  He’s so afraid that he’s willing to do anything to stay alive.   What he’s afraid of is his idea of “God”.  Rather than change his idea of “God”, he’d prefer to kill an unknown percentage of the world’s population than risk offending his personal deity.  The people he thinks should die?  Homosexuals.  In his warped and fearful world, an invisible, omnipotent, and imaginary creature so loves its own creations that if just one person does just one thing the god disagrees with, everybody on the planet will be slaughtered.  Naturally there exists the possibility that McLaughlin has misinterpreted the intention of his god, but why take the chance?

So, you see, McLaughlin is really looking out for the rest of us when he proposes that a law be passed requiring all gays be shot in the head.  Why, he’s even willing to do it himself — not from the satisfaction (and probable orgasmic relief) from the act, but just to save anyone else the trouble.

And yet, there are many today who will say that Christians aren’t a loving and caring group of people.  How dare they!?!

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Be seeing you.


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