There really is a simple solution to the homeless problem

Posted: 02/27/2015 in Screwed
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According to one theory, you can find out right quick if someone styles their political views as Democrat or Republican by asking them a simple question:  would you rather live in a Mommy or Daddy State?  The theory goes that if you want the government to act like a stern, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-and-you’ll-get-what-you-deserve father figure, then you’ll vote Republican.  On the other hand, if you think the government should pat everyone on the head and put Bactine on every little scrape and bruise and here’s-a-sugar-cookie-now-go-and-play, then you’ll vote Democrat.

By those standards, I guess a lot of us are Independents, but, then, I’m not really all that certain people and their problems fall into such neat categories all the time.  For example, the Utah government decided to look at all the budget numbers concerning the homeless problem, and came up with a decision based on dollars and sense.  After they crunched the numbers across the board, a big surprise happened.  It turns out it is actually cheaper to give housing, health, and psychiatric services to the homeless than it is to be constantly putting them in jail and treating them in the emergency room.

So they decided to try it.  No major oversight.  No “sit up and beg and do tricks for your supper” rules. Just treat people in trouble as adults and do the right thing.  And you know what?  Damn if it didn’t work.

You would expect that a lot of homeless people would flock to Utah after word of this program got out, and you’d be right.  And yet, by spending the money on the people who need it instead of creating bureaucracies for refusing care, over-all costs to the government are still going down.  This goes against everything most governments stand for, and yet, it seems really obvious in hindsight.

Since the GOP is famous for being willing to spend millions for punishment while withholding pennies for help, don’t you just know that Republicans heads are exploding right and left?  (Well, right and center right, I guess.  There’s no left left to Republicans anymore.)   Fortunately, if they’re willing to move to Utah, they can get help for that.  Providing they’re willing to take their medicine.  But Utah isn’t going to monitor them to make certain they do.  They’ll even treat Republicans as if they were adults.

The GOP Fights Poverty

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