Eating the seed corn

Posted: 02/20/2015 in Screwed
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While you’re all worried about whether or not the proposed Keystone Pipeline will leak at some point in the future, oil-filled tanker cars are exploding (and the burning oil is flowing into waterways) all over the country.  And, according to a recent report, your government’s doing jack-all about it.

Obviously we only have two choices: keep endangering citizens and the national water supply now via tank cars, or do it later through aging pipelines.  Of course, either way you wind up with burning oil polluting the air, ground, and water.  And, as any cook knows, an oil fire is stubborn and difficult to extinguish.  Fortunately, Big Oil has a solution to this problem: let the oil burn until it’s used up.  That way, they don’t spend a lot of money and the problem just magically goes away.  Eventually.  Sort of.  Too bad about there being no other solution.

That reminds me of the problem pioneer farmers (and later, farmers during the Great Depression) often faced during a long, hard winter and food ran out: whether to eat the seeds set back for the spring planting.  Eat it now, and you have nothing to plant so you starve next summer.  Save it and you starve now, and you won’t be around to plant it in the spring.  What to do, what to do…?  Well, if you only have two choices, I guess we might as well choose……..both!

Now that’s settled and we can forget our troubles with a sing-a-long.  This would be a good time to try out Big Oil’s new theme song (to the tune of “Tra La La Boom Dee Ay”):

Trains all go BOOM today,

If they get caught, you’ll pay.

Trains will burn any way.

All trains go BOOM today.

A derailed CSX Corp train burns in Mount Carbon West Virginia


Be seeing you.

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