Chris Christie: still guilty after all these years

Posted: 02/10/2015 in Screwed

I guess it’s not exactly news that Chris Christie, the man who, in his own mind, deserves to be President of the United States, has a few problems with the law.  But in case you haven’t heard, that problem, like Christie himself, is spreading.  Now Governor Christie is under a new criminal investigation for abuse of power regarding the firing of a prosecutor who voiced concerns about dismissing a case against Christie’s political allies.   Although the case had been simmering for years as the fired prosecutor, Bennett Baryln, publicly claimed he had been fired for political reasons, it’s come back to life this week.  So that piles on top of the other three federal criminal investigations (the political closing of the George Washington Bridge, pressuring the mayor of Hoboken to support a redevelopment project that would have benefited Christie and his friends, and the mis-use of Port Authority bond funds), but don’t worry, Christie’s shoulders are broad enough to carry the load.

I mean, just look at the load they’ve been carrying for years!


Be seeing you.

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