Only in the Village

Posted: 02/03/2015 in Screwed

Only in the Village would Authority punish a teacher for hugging a crying child, but support strip searches.  Sound too weird to believe?  Well then, travel with me to the small town of Gustine, Texas where two dozen eleven-year-olds were forced to expose their underwear for inspection.  And for what were the Gestapo Administrators looking? Dirty underwear.  For only in this fashion could they possibly discover who, in an obvious nose-thumbing at authority, had repeatedly shat on the gymnasium floor.

When a teacher in St. Louis used a similar approach to a related mystery, that special education instructor was fired.  But in Texas, it’s let’s line ’em up and show off their skid marks to everyone.’  Lord knows that shouldn’t cause any permanent damage to the budding prepubescents.

I don’t know about Gustine, but in the small Texas school in which I was tutored, the result of such an action would have been a gymnastic tidal wave from quite a few of the students.  Not that I’m advocating any such thing, of course.


Be seeing you.

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