Guess which states have the most welfare recipients

Posted: 01/30/2015 in Screwed

There’s a reason why the people who run the Village hate science: it’s full of facts and stuff.  And they really do hate them some facts and stuff.  It has a way of making them look silly.  And since they don’t have a sense of humor, they really hate looking silly.  For example, one of the “talking points” they like to drag out concerns how much better than normal citizens their followers are.  So they get their tin foil wearing mental munchkins’ blood boiling by talking about how the only reason everybody ain’t rich is cause of all them lazy, good for nuttin’, welfare-teat sucking liberals and furryners who drag down the gubmnt by being on the dole.  Sucking up that gubmnt money so the rest of us good, clean, upstandin’, hard-working folks wind up with less than nuttin’.

And then some low-life, science-spoutin’ liberal brainiac goes and pulls out a survey that shows that the states with the highest numbers of welfare recipients are the GOP-controlled states.  They sure do hate themselves some facts, no doubt about it.


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