Denver police kill teen suspect

Posted: 01/28/2015 in Screwed
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It is standard practice for Village police, when threatened with a dangerous weapon, to shoot the attacker.  Makes a sort of sense, something that anyone would do.  After all, you have to protect your own life, right?  So if a car looks like it might be headed at you, you’d do the same thing, right?  I mean, you’d shoot the person behind the wheel, of course, since shooting the car isn’t going to stop it.    Sure, there might be an unusual reason for the car to be out of control (confused elderly person, heart attack victim, child at the wheel), but you gotta show these punks who’s in charge, right?

Of course, oddly enough, the car doesn’t stop moving and doesn’t suddenly come under your mental control when you kill the driver, but you hafta have rules.  And stepping out of the way is never an option.  Which explains the leg injury of one officer at the scene.  And we’ll never know what was in teenage Jessica Hernandez’s mind when she drove a stolen car towards Denver police officers, since they killed her automatically.  Of course, “towards” is a general term, seeing as how the police were in front of the car and it was moving down an alley at the time.  But, again, you gotta have rules.

It’s just a shame that they missed the other teen girl who was in the passenger’s seat.  Naturally Brianna Diaz says she didn’t know the car was stolen, she was just riding with a friend.  And there’s some suspicion that Jessica was loaned the car by someone else who didn’t tell her it was stolen.  But in any case, I bet they never do that again.  We taught those brown bitches who’s the boss.


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