Who you gonna believe?

Posted: 01/26/2015 in Screwed

The nice thing about the Village law enforcement organizations is that they’re predictable.  By now you’ll have noticed that the FBI, for example, periodically find terrorism plots that manage to justify their shredding of the constitution.  And those plots almost invariably turn out to be something cooked up in the mind of the government itself.  The most recent example concerns Christopher Cornell, a twenty-year-old Ohio resident who the FBI claims is yet another home-grown Muslim threat.

According to a criminal who is seeking a favor from the FBI, Cornell is a terrorist looking for a cause.  According to everyone who knows the kid, he’s not.  A review of his online postings show that he’s mad at the “adult” world and looking at alternative religions.  You know, a typical college kid.

To find out the truth, FBI agents offered Cornell a plan for blowing up a public building, the explosives to do the job with, and training to complete the bombing.  He says he didn’t accept.  They say he didn’t turn it down.  Sound like entrapment to you?  Well, it turns out that “entrapment” doesn’t apply when you’re fighting against terrorism.

So, given the state of affairs that currently exists in the Village, who are you going to believe?  If that’s not an easy question, then you’ve got bigger problems than imaginary terror strikes.


Be seeing you.

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