Officials lie about Ukrainian bus attack

Posted: 01/21/2015 in Screwed
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The two things about this modern “information” age that the Villagers don’t seem to get is that the Internet allows everyone (well, almost everyone) access to all sorts of information, and once something is “put out there”, it’s there forever.  Even if you obliterate the source.  By then, it’s too late — the original material has already be copied and re-copied and is all over the ‘net.  For example, Villagers both here and in the Kiev are having a hard time proving they didn’t lie about Donetsk rebels attacking a Ukrainian bus and killing 12 people.  Why?  Because the proof is in the form of dash cam footage that captured the incident.  Oops!  Guess they didn’t see that coming.

Turns out that the bus was filled with people who would have been sympathetic to the rebels.  It was also full of bullet holes.  Which is odd, considering that officials said the damage was done by a single “stray” round from the rebel attack.  Kiev officials seem to be flooding the news with their version of events.  They seem to think the truth will be hidden if they go on and on about it. And on and on and on.

I guess you just can’t count on “official” accounts anymore, can you.  Wait, did I say “anymore? — my bad.


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