The Village knows best

Posted: 12/19/2014 in Screwed

Occasionally, you might be tempted to think that there’s hope for our government.  Thanks to voter activism, there have been some major social steps forward in a relatively short period of time: the rapid normalization of marriage equality, Obama’s fight for net neutrality, and the military recognizing that it’s none of their damn business who soldiers sleep with, just to name a few.  And now, right when Obama was talking the good talk about medical marijuana (while continuing to raid medical dispensaries), Congress has stepped in and cut the ground right out from under the police state’s feet.  They just passed a law (hidden in the Budget Omnibus) allowing states to do what they want on the medical marijuana front and forbidding the Justice Department from interfering.

Doesn’t that sound like progress?  Of course, in the same bill was hidden (and not very well) a “get out of jail free” card for bankers and Wall Street in case they want to bring the world economy to its knees again, but that’s just business as usual.  Perhaps the real bucket of cold water in the Omnibus was where Congress told Washington, D. C. they weren’t included in the “smoke ’em if you got ’em” marijuana exemption.  Yes, it applies to all 50 states, but not to the district that is the seat of our federal government.  Why’d they do that?  Because they can.  You see, Congress has ultimate control over D.C.’s budget through the Home Rule Act of 1973, which also gives them the power to veto any of the district’s laws.  And what’s the point of having power like that if you don’t use it occasionally?  So, sorry D. C., even though you voted to legalize marijuana, Congress says you aren’t grown up enough to be trusted.  Listen to your elders — they know best.

After all, isn’t that why politicians get into the game to begin with?  Well, that and the bribes, of course.


Be seeing you.


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