Tampa homeless problem solved

Posted: 12/08/2014 in Screwed
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The nice thing about folks in the Village is their constancy.  There’s nothing, not one damn thing that they won’t turn into a profit.  Eventually they’ll solve the homeless problem by setting up a dog food factory, but until that happens, there’s always another way to make money off of the homeless population: put them to work!

For example, there’s Saint Tom Atchison in Tampa, Florida.  As CEO and founder of “New Beginnings”, a charity-supported program that provides food and beds for some of the area’s homeless, Atchison has sent unpaid homeless labor crews to work concession stands at local events like the Tampa Bay Rays, Lightning and Bucs games, the Daytona 500, and the Florida State Fair.  To pay for their shelter, he’s had homeless people work in construction, landscaping, telemarketing, moving, painting, even grant-writing.  Although they don’t get paid, he does.  His program uses unpaid, destitute residents as a steady labor force and revenue source.    Atchison also collects their Social Security checks for his residents, and puts the money in the bank so they won’t spend it on drugs and such.  Then, if they ever leave the program, they quickly discover that their “savings” have all been spent to keep them in clean linen.

Money from grants and charity organizations are often funneled away from the intended use and winds up in his bank account as well.  If Atchison is required to provide receipts to prove how he spent the dough, he has his homeless “contractors” sign receipts for funds they don’t get.  Let’s face it: he’s got a good thing going for him.  I just hope he never watches the movie “Soylent Green”.

Be seeing you.

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