What do the US, Canada, and Ukraine have in common?

Posted: 12/03/2014 in Screwed
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For the most part, the United Nations is about symbolism.  The idea is that the major, and even a few of the minor, countries can get together and work out their problems peacefully.  That’s what the UN is supposed to represent.  Of course, everybody knows that the UN couldn’t even agree if someone brought up a vote to condemned Nazism.  Oh, wait — they did that already.  And, no surprise, they couldn’t agree.  What’s weird, and what makes it news, is that the United States, Canada, and the Ukraine were the strange bedfellows that voted against the resolution.  What makes it weirder is that Russia is the country that initiated the vote in response to the rise of neofascism in Ukraine.  I’ll bet you thought the Ukraine danced to any tune Russia played, didn’t you?  Apparently, you were wrong.

Ukraine’s stated explanation for voting no was that the resolution did not also condemn Stalinism.  Canada felt that the resolution contained non-specific references “counterproductive” to their “longstanding and consistent record” of protecting the rights of everyone. The US was against it because Russia was for it.

Ah, symbolism — this vote just reeks of it.


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