Officers shoot child then refuse to give first aid

Posted: 12/01/2014 in Screwed
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This is what we’ve come to. The story is a doozy, even for the Village.  You remember the black kid that got shot by the police recently?  No, not that one, the other one — the 12-year-old.  Yeah, the one with the toy gun.  No, the other one with the toy gun.  Right, the one in Cleveland: Tamir Rice.  At first the policemen claimed they’d approached the “about 20”-year-old man and demanded that he put his hands up.  In response, the gunman pulled his weapon and pointed it at them.  Per procedure, they opened fire.

Since that initial statement, the police story has changed repeatedly.  The most recent version is that they told the guy to put up his hands three separate times before being forced to shoot.  Unfortunately for that story, a film has turned up.  It shows the police car skidding to a stop mere inches from Tamir, who does indeed reach for his toy gun, probably to show them that it’s a toy.  He doesn’t even get it out of his waistband before officer Timothy Loehmann on the passenger side of the car throws open his door and shoots the kid — before he’s even completely out of the car.  He just comes roaring in, guns blazing.  The whole thing took less than two seconds.  Even an auctioneer would have trouble getting out three separate “put up your hands” in that amount of time.

After the shooting, the cops stood around, waiting for the meat wagon, holding guns on the child that’s dying right in front of them.  Fortunately, an FBI agent was in the area and showed up four minutes later.  The agent gave first aid.

While Cleveland police have already white-washed the shooting, they say they’ll investigate why no first aid was given, since Cleveland trains police officers in first aid techniques.  But since the mayor has already stated that he doesn’t think the police are “required” to give first aid, I don’t hold out any hope in that direction.  However, I know at least part of the answer.  It’s there on the tape.  There were two policemen in the car: the driver and the shooter, Loehmann.  While the driver stands over Tamir’s body, holding his gun on the kid in the hope that he’ll get a chance to shoot too, Loehmann goes to the back of the car and stands guard across the trunk.  So they were both way too busy pointing guns at Tamir on the ground to do first aid stuff.  They probably didn’t go near Tamir because the film shows they never took the gun away from the body!

An interesting note right at the end of the film: it’s grainy so I’m not quite sure what’s happening.  But watch Loehmann as he hunches over the car fender.  It looks to me like he’s humping the car.  He must have been pretty excited.  Probably won the daily pool for shooting black kids or something.  Well, I guess everybody gets their rocks off in their own way.

Be seeing you.

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