And they’re off!

Posted: 11/28/2014 in Screwed

Oklahoma tries its best to have the absolutely dumbest citizenry in the good ole USofA.  In an effort to ensure this, one Public School District tried to offer “The Book: The Bible’s History, Narrative and Impact” as a religious elective back in April.  Get ’em while their young and they’ll remain stupid for life — I think that’s the state motto, isn’t it?  Unfortunately for the school board (and their Hobby Lobby backers), the idea leaked out and they got laughed talked out of it.  Obviously they still got a ways to go before all the citizenry is dumb enough to take home the gold.

Meanwhile Texas, always in competition with the state that was created by taking a piece of The Lone Star State and filling the desert full of Indians, struck back by updating textbooks to say that Moses was a Founding Father of our country.  Ah, Texas — there’s no other state exactly like it.  You just know they’ll win the Stupid Contest in the end.


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