It’s like we don’t even speak the same language

Posted: 11/19/2014 in Screwed
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The Union Street Guest House in upstate New York decided that they could keep from getting negative online reviews by charging customers’ credit cards $500 if they post anything bad about their stay.  Remove your bad comment and get a refund.  It’s in the fine print above your signature when you sign in.

The Broadway Hotel in England thought this was a capital idea, so they copied it. They slid a 100 pound fine into their fine print.  What the Brits didn’t realize was that the Union’s great idea didn’t turn out so wonderful in the end.  Americans don’t put up with that sort of crap, so when it came out what the Guest House was doing, the Internet got flooded with negative reviews for their business.

Fortunately for the Broadway, Brits don’t respond like Americans.  One person got hit with the fine, and he complained to the press.  One person complaining doesn’t make a lot of noise.  Didn’t they learn anything from the Boston Tea Party?


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