Fortunately we’re a post-racial Village

Posted: 11/07/2014 in Screwed

The Secret Service had its hands full over the weekend.  It seems that Christopher Perkins O’Brien, already a convicted murderer, was re-arrested on Sunday.  Why?  He sent a detailed email to Barack Obama threatening to kill the President and First Lady. The email was littered with racist remarks and standard Tea Party rhetoric and promised to behead the black man in the white house. Just to round out the round up, O’Brien was also charged with using interstate communications to make the death threat.

Yeah, that’s right.  He not only wanted to get all ISIS with the POTUS, he broke a federal rule to do it.  And it’s the second one that’ll really nail his ass to the wall.  You can break as many laws as you like and you still might get off.  But don’t fuck around with federal regulations, man.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Alphonse Capone what he thinks about it!



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