They’s a’feudin’ a’gin

Posted: 09/29/2014 in Screwed

A feudal system can be defined as a society with inherited social rank.  In the Village, we refuse to admit there are royalty amongst us while we bow down to any one who’s been in the public eye for any length of time.  Especially in politics.

As the professional politicos start ramping up for 2016, we find ourselves in a race between yet another Bush and another Clinton.  A lot of voters will sit this one out because that’s a choice that’s no choice at all.  Practically every strong stance Hillary Clinton has publicly taken was also held at some point by G. W. Bush.  Any time voters stay home, that’s traditionally a boost for the Republican candidate.  Unless the voters staying home are Republicans, as they were when Mitt Romney ran for President.  Of course, there’s a chance that Hillary won’t run, in which case it boils down to “Foot in mouth” Biden, “I’m an Independent but I always vote Democrat” Sanders, or “Don’t pay any attention to what I actually do” Warren on the Dem aisle.  For the Republicans, only one name is being tossed around other than Bush: Mitt Romney.

You know, this might be an interesting race after all!

Be seeing you.

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