True patriot

Posted: 09/24/2014 in Screwed

The leaders in the Village would like you to think that they know best.  Even more, they’d like you to think that everybody agrees with them, even if you don’t.  But there’s ample proof that ain’t true.  There are good people all over willing to put their hearts and minds in print and remind you that ain’t so.  But none more credentialed than Jim Wright.  A battle-proven veteran with strong traditional values, when he speaks, people should listen.  Even people like you and me.  He is not willing to stay silent and let the elite speak for him.  Yes, he believes in traditional right and wrong, good and evil, but he doesn’t believe that evil resides only in the “other”.  It resides in each and every one of us that refuse to stand up for our core values.  Not just for “his” values, but for yours, no matter how much they may differ from his.  If his blog is any indication, while he’s a professional soldier, he’s neither a war- nor a peace-monger.  His biggest complaint, in fact, is that people who should be so smart act so stupid.

It’s your community, state, country, world — take part in it.  Make a decision and stand up for it.  Don’t let the professional politicians and their powerful friends bulldoze their way across the planet for that last dollar they don’t yet have.  Make your life mean something.


Be seeing you.

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