Well, duh!

Posted: 08/15/2014 in Screwed

A new U. S. Justice Department report just informed Mayor Bill de Blasio that water is wet.  No, wait, that wasn’t it.  What was it?  Oh yeah, the report on the New York City Department of Correction has found that there’s violence inherent in the system.  Wow!  Stop the presses!  There’s salt in the ocean!

What else did they find?  That the guards hate the inmates and vice versa.  That teenagers, the most defenseless of the inmates, are often singled out for beatings and punishment whether or not they were doing anything wrong.  Really?  Teens are being picked on in prison?  Did anyone on the commission ever go to high school?

The really, really big blockbuster was this: “Use of force is particularly common in areas without video surveillance cameras.”  Really? I’m flabbergasted.  But then, so was the Mayor, only he wasn’t being snarky when he said it.


Be seeing you.


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