Michael Brown defies lawful order — refuses to rest in peace

Posted: 08/14/2014 in Screwed

Ferguson is the big city with the little problem.  No wait — reverse that.  Yeah, that’s better.  This is a town where the vast majority of the government is Caucasian while two-thirds of the population isn’t.  Where the bosses see a ‘minority problem’ the civilians see a ‘majority issue’.  And that problem/issue came to a head when a the police department shot down unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, then refused to say which officer fired the fatal shot.  Town folks see that as an attempt to ‘whitewash’ the incident.

In an effort to foster understanding between the two groups, police have repeatedly greeted peaceful demonstrations with tear gas and riot gear.  They threatened to arrest anyone filming their actions.  They made the whole city a “no fly” zone for reporters.  Megaphones were used to tell people standing in their own yards to “go home” or be arrested. Then they called in the county police.  That didn’t help.

When calling in the State Police also didn’t help, the Ferguson elite threw up their hands.  They are at a loss what to try next to calm the situation.  I’m betting they’ll call in the National Guard.  I hear they have armed drones now.


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